Invicta Pro Diver

Invicta Pro Diver 9937 for Sale

Over 1700 watches in the Pro Diver collection make it the most prolific style in the Invicta line. The Invicta Pro Diver series of watches maintain the high quality the company was founded on when Raphael Picard started it in 1837. La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland was the original home of Invicta until its relocation to Hollywood, Florida in 1991.

Even after the move Invicta held to the Swiss watchmaking tradition it was founded on. During the 90s the Pro Diver became the flagship model and it has grown over the years as collectors and watch lovers wear it with admiration.

The number of diverse styles and collections has grown over the years, as Invicta has challenged themselves to create wonderful time pieces in innovative styles while maintaining the original tradition of high quality Swiss craftsmanship.

Take for example the Russian Diver which made its debut in 2005 in rememberance of the first dive watch commissioned by the Russian Naval Fleet in 1959. This classic vintage inspired watch has joined the Pro Diver as one of the most popular dive watch collections Invicta has launched.

Known for their rugged durability as much as for their adherence to quality design has made Invicta dive watches stand out when compared to high end (and highly expensive) watches from other watch makers. The beauty of the Invicta watch is that while they have won awards for craftsmanship they stick to their founders ideal of creating high end watches affordable.

Take for example one of the most popular Invicta Pro Diver watches shown above the Invicta 9937. This watch is often compared to the Rolex Submariner in design and quality - for our detailed comparison between these two watches click the picture at top. Usually you can pick up the 9937 for under $300. In comparison the Rolex Submariner will run you $7k plus making the 9937 much more appealing for the average buyer.

Below you'll find a few current eBay auctions of your favorite style of Pro Diver watches. You will notice how diverse the design can be even within the same collection. Have fun shopping - we hope you find a great deal!

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