Invicta Subaqua

Invicta Subaqua for Sale

Invicta Subaqua watches are some of my favorite from the Invicta Watch Group. The intricate detail of a nice Subaqua Noma looks like a watch worth 10 times what you'll pay for an Invicta. If you love watches that get noticed and look like you spent a fortune on it, take a look at the selection of Invicta Subaqua watches below.

Of course you'll also find some of the high end limited edition Invictas in the Subaqua line as well like the beautiful 5540 Noma III with diamonds and a stunning mother of pearl face. What is fun to see is the level of adoration Invicta fans have for these watches.

For example we just spotted a $15,000 Subaqua Noma IV 6585 with 11 carats of diamonds encrusted around the bezel and case that was custom made for an un-named Hollywood celebrity - any guesses who?

If you are looking for something with a little less bling the Subaqua line also holds some of the rare Invicta models that make a nice addition to your collection. Take for example the Invicta 12778 Subaqua Nasa pictured above.

Part of the Subaqua Reserve line this beautiful watch is the 40th Anniversary official commemorative watch for NASA. This one of a kind watch holds a medallion on the back of the case that contains metal flown to the moon on the Apollo missions. Not many people can claim their watch as been to the moon!

Below you'll find a few current eBay auctions so perhaps you can catch that custom Invicta for yourself, or any number of other fine time pieces to add to your collection. Good luck and have fun shopping!

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